Honda 4 stroke is finally ready to be watched by public! But still any details on its engine are top secret. Honda's managers are not willing to say more, just that the capacity is about 250 cc Any more curiosity must be deducted by the photos!

Meanwhile Mr. Miguel Cirera, caught while was watching rider Tomoyuky Ogawa chosen as tester in the competition of to-morrow, said that the motorbike is not in his definitive step, but only at 60% and the official presentation will be done only when the moto will be ready to be launched on the market!

Indeed, we saw Ogawa, while was practising and he did not look very confident with it! Amos Bilbao, who was the main developer, was watching too and seemed to be disappointed not to be the rider chosen for this initiation. But this was just our impression, Amos did not say any word on it! Rumours see him as tester in other World round in Europe.