"I have been waiting to update this to hear from the doctors and I finally found out what has been going on with my back.
I have something called Spondylolysis, which is basically like a cracked bone in the lower back.
I first noticed something was wrong while practicing in Oklahoma the day after the Sooner Cup, but I thought it would get better so I just tried to ignore it. Well after feeling it everyday for over 2 months, I got it checked out and now I have to go to physical therapy for the next 4-6 weeks. Which means I will not be able to ride the next few World Rounds.
I'm really sorry to let everyone down, but after hurting very bad in Japan and not even being able to walk without a lot of pain a few days after, I cant keep riding like this. I'm not riding like I know that I can, and it has been really frustrating.
I thought this year was going to be good for me and it started out great, but since this has happened I haven't even been able to have fun riding. I am just hoping that I can get better and start having fun again.
I want thank everyone SO much for supporting me this year, I wish it could have turned out differently, but I hope everyone understands whats been going on and will continue to help me later in the year. HUGE thanks to David Chaves for helping me more then I would ever ask for. Not just minding, but helping me get bikes and even opening up his house to me, he has been awesome.
Also thanks to everyone donating, my Dad, Craig Gernhardt, Sherco, Ryan Young Products and the whole team, Top Fun,, and Go Fast! Energy Drink. I know my attitude has not been where it should be, but I REALLY appreciate what everyone has done for me this year and I am very sorry for not showing it how I should have. I know things would be different if this never happened but I plan to come back with a much better attitude and ready to do my best. I haven't been able to actually ride for the past week or so, and it has made me realize how much I love to ride trials, and I cant wait to be able to ride again! -Pat