13/06/10 - Santa Julia de Loria, Andorra

Twice presences in the 2010 European Championship and twice wins for Spanish Alfredo Gomez, Montesa, again at the top of the rostrum here, on the high elevation competition disputed in the wonderful mountain scenery offered by the Principality of Andorra.
The sections were more or less in the same places of the many world rounds held here. Mostly in the wood, with slippery rocks, except two, featured in the water of a small stream.
Gomez showed to be in great form already at the first lap, when he delivered his card completely immaculate! Behind him, Italian provisional leader of the overall standings, Matteo Grattarola, Sherco, who scored 3 points, two of them in the easy sections (but trickery) drawn in the stream. Third was Martin Kroustek, Beta, who carried 8 points, one less than Alexz Wigg, winner of the previous round.
On sections that revealed to be easier than what expected, also for the good weather, it was of primary importance to keep high the concentration. The rain forecasted did not come. Only few drops in the late afternoon, washed the last riders.
Wigg understood better the situation and was the coolest in the second lap. He dabbed just once in section 7 and that was all! Scoring one point, he climbed to final runner-up position, behind Gomez, whose card carried 3 mistakes. Grattarola slid in third, having failed the last rock of section 13, perfectly cleaned in the lap before. In the championship, Grattarola is still leader, 5 points ahead of Wigg, who overtook Challoner.
An other victory for Pol Tarres, Gasgas, in the Junior class. This time he rode one step above all the others. There was a tight struggle for second place, between British Jack Sheppard, Beta and Italian Ismael Catalin, Gasgas, tied at the turning point and separated by just 4 point at the end, where they finished in that order.
Sheppard is still leading the overall standings, but now Tarres is very close: only two points behind. Still third Italian Giacomo Saleri.
In the previous day, it was the time for Women and Youth. Ninth time world champion Laia Sanz won easily between the women. In second place, surprise: young Joanne Coles beat Rebekah Cook.
Spanish Jorge Casales won the Youth class.
Next round in Italy the day before the world round at Foppolo, on the 24th of July .
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Grattarola terzo, allunga in campionato! Vince Gomez davanti a Wigg, superlativo al secondo giro. Gratta era secondo. poi una disattenzione alla zona 13 del secondo giro, precedentemente fatta a zero, gli ha fatto perdere una posizione. Tarres ha vinto dominando la Junior, mentre per il secondo posto Sheppard e Catalin si son dati gran battaglia. .
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Alfredo Gomez
Alexz Wigg
Matteo Grattarola
Pere Borrellas
Jack Challoner
Pol Tarres
Jack Sheppard
Ismael Catalin
Laia Sanz