04/04/10 - Coazze,TO, Italy

Italian champion Matteo Grattarola beat English Alexz Wigg on the typical English terrain of the first round of the European Championship held at Coazze, North-West of Italy.
The rain started to drop in the evening of the day before never stopped until the second part of the competition made this event more suitable for North-European riders, but nevertheless this disadvantage Italian riders fought with courage and determination showing not have anything less than the more credited British troop.
One to one the final result. Italian Giacomo Saleri, after leading at half competition in the Junior Championship class, was overtaken and beaten by Jack Sheppard, who topped the podium in this category. In third, Spanish Pol Tarres, nephew of seven time world champion Jordi, ahead of an other Italian young rider, Ismael Catalin.
In the main class, the European Championship, on the contrary, the “azzurro” rider was one of the first to start and rode for himself, without the help of watching his rivals. Normally this fact can represent an handicap, but today it was compensated by the chance to ride on sections not too dirty as happened for the others. He lost 11 points in the first lap, exactly the same what Wigg did. The differences came up in the second lap. On sections became more difficult, the Italian champion let just two dabs, against the repeated “11” of the British one, who belongs to Italian team Top Trial Team. On the third step of podium, Jack Challoner, who scored just 8 marks in the second lap, finishing one point to his country-mate. In fourth position French Alexandre Ferrer.
Poor of riders the other two categories: In the International, British woman Becky Cook triumphed, while in the “over 40” was the turn of Italian Alberto Deyme.
As out pointed by Dave Willoughby, chairman of the UEM Trial Commission,at the prize-giving a great job was done by Albino Teobaldi, clerk of the course and responsible of the sections, who yesterday modified cleverly almost all of them settling them for the new weather conditions.
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Grattarola batte Wigg nella classe "European Championship" e Saleri sfiora il successo nella "Junior Championship". Italiani in grado di "giocarsela" su zone stile inglese. Nonostante la pioggia, ottimo lavoro del Moto Club Giaveno e del solito Albino Teobaldi, responsabile delle zone, come ammesso pubblicamente dal presidente di giuria, Dave Willoughby. Leggete Motosprint in edicola martedi' prox. Il video della gara sara' pronto in settimana.


Matteo Grattarola
Alexz Wigg
Jack Challoner
Jack Sheppard
Giacomo Saleri
Pol Tarres
The photo of the day: Tanguy Mottin