09/07/11 - UEM Championship: Montecrestese, ITA

Daniele Maurino, Beta, repeated the same exploit of last year. “Come and go”, topping the podium! Only one round in his basket in both seasons of the European series. The one on native country soil. Winner at Foppolo last year, winner at Montecrestese, in Val d’Ossola, Piedmont, today.
Riding without any pression means to have the chance to show his high potential. Maurino dominated both the laps, scoring nearly half points than runner-up Matteo Grattarola, Gas Gas.. He was one of the first riders to start, but to open almost all the sections did not bother him, able to arrive until section seven, still clean. Only 7 points was his first lap’s score. Grattarola, who knew it was the last chance to reduce the gap from the leader, scored 12 and was just behind.
Incredible deblacle of leader Jack Challoner (Beta), whose begin was a disaster. Two fives in the first two sections! Then other incredible mistakes. His score was 27 marks, that meant the thirteen position! Also Alfredo Gomez did not start too well. At the turning point was in fourth place, preceded by French Tanguy Mottin, Montesa, never seen in such top positions.
In the second lap Maurino continued his superlative riding and dropped just 4 points. Grattarola kept the second place, reducing to 6 points his new gap from Challoner. This one recovered well, overtaking 5 riders, to finish in eighth place. Great second lap for Francesc Moret,Montesa, who climbed to the podium. Disaster the second lap of Mottin, who dropped to twelfth place.
In the standings Challoner is chased by three riders: Grattarola at -6, Gomez, -8, and Moret -10.
First win for Giacomo Saleri (Beta) in the Junior class. The new Italian talent showed to have a strong mind, cleaning 21 sections in a row! After fiving section 6 at the first lap, he dabbed section 13 in second lap! His rival Jack Sheppard today was always behind. Three points (8 for Saleri and 11 for him) in the first lap, reduced to 2 at the end.. In third Swedish Eddie Karlsson, (Beta). Six are still the points in favor of Sheppard in the championship.
Already champion Andrea Buschi (Ossa) gathered his fifth success in the Over 40 class. This time in second place from Holland, John Van Veelen (Ossa) ahead of Finnish Stafan Flossel (Sherco).
Record of entrees in the International class: 20! Young Samuele Zuccali (Beta) topped the podium. Second Michele Pradelli (Beta) and third Ismael Catalin (Gas Gas).
The organization and level of sections was perfect. It was a very hot day. Next and last round in Czech Republic at the end of August.


Italiani vincitori di tutte le classi!
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Daniele Maurino, Champ 1
Matteo Grattarola, Champ 2
Francesc Moret, Champ 3
Giacomo Saleri, Junior 1
Jack Sheppard, Junior 2
Eddie Karlsson, Junior 3
Andrea Buschi, Over40 1
John Van Veelen, Over40 2
Staffan Flossel, Over40 3
Samuele Zuccali, International 1
Michele Prandelli, International 2
Ismael Catalin, International 3