19/08/12, European Championship: round 4, Tanvald, CZE

Still Italian riders at the top at Tanvald in Czech Republic in the fourth round of the UEM Trial Championship. An other sunny day with hot temperature let the riders collect many cleans and dispute the competition as “walking on thin ice”, well knowing that any minimum mistake would have been unrecoverable.

In the Top class, Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) gathered his four win in a row and stretched in the overall standing. He started soon on the right foot. In the first lap he only failed the very difficult section 11, delivering his card with only 5 points! Behind him, tied Martin Kroustek (Beta) and Matteo Poli (Beta), both carrying 11 marks. Still the best score for him in the second part, even if a bit worse (8 points), let him top the podium again. Kroustek kept the second position ahead of Poli, both quite distant from the winner.

In the Junior class the leader Francesco Cabrini (Beta) put behind ,Norwegian Sverre Lundevold, and Finnish Timo Myohanen, in a very tight competition. Cabrini got a smooth advantage in the first lap, then he managed it, taking home the victory by just 2 marks. In the championship his lead is now 19 points on Lundevold.

Tommi Ahvala (Gas Gas) took his revenge against Marc Reit (Beta) in the Over 40 class. Just one point the difference: 5 against 6. Quite distant the third, who is again John Van Veelen (Ossa).

A woman triumphed in the International class: the fresh provisional leader in the Woman Championship, after the win of yesterday, Becky Cook (Beta). Second Italian Richard Pichler (Gas Gas) and third Sweden Anton Folkesson (Gas Gas).

Next round at Isola 2000, South of France, near Italian border, on 2nd of September.

Photos by our archivies.


I nostri svettano dinuovo a Tanvald in Repubblica Ceca alla quarta prova dell’Europeo!

Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) vince nella Top, davanti a Martin Kroustek ed a Matteo Poli (Ossa).

Anche nella Junior successo dell’attuale leader del campionato Francesco Cabrini (Beta). Secondo il norvegese Sverre Lundevold, davanti al finlandese Timo Myohanen

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Europe: 1. Matteo Grattarola (photo by Trialsport Tanvald - Michal Tuma)
Europe: 2. Martin Kroustek
Europe: 3. Matteo Poli
Junior: 1. Francesco Cabrini
Junior: 2. Sverre Lundevold
Junior: 3. Timo Myohanen
Over 40: 1. Tommi Ahvala
Over 40: 2. Marc Reit
Over 40: 3. John Van Veelen
International: 1. Becky Cook
International: 2. Richard Pichler