11/08/13, Hvervenbukta, Norway. - Sweden Eddie Karlsson (JTG) after a hard-fought duel with Luca Cotone (Gas Gas), topped the podium!

Sweden Eddie Karlsson (JTG) after a hard-fought duel with Luca Cotone (Gas Gas), topped the podium, collecting his third win in a row in these series at the UEM FIM Europe Trial Championship, held at Hvervenbukta, south of Oslo, Norway. Norwegian Ivar Norum (Beta) triumphed in the Junior and Dutch John Van Veelen (Ossa) was the best between the Over 40's.

Being the odds-on favorite made Karlsson suffering for too much pressure. He fived soon a couple of sections in the first part of the lap, yielding the leadership to Cotone, almost unwilling to believe to have the chance to beat him on his land. One mistake at section 13 done by the Italian one, let the game still open at the turning point: 9 marks on the Cotone's card against the 11 of Karlsson, temporary tied with Norwegian Vegard Ib Andersen (Beta). Carried with 3 points more Spanish Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas) was not definitely cut out for the final victory. Fiving one section each until section 12 in the second lap, Cotone and Karlsson kept the same distance, but section 12 and the following one were fatal for Cotone. Failing the former and making “3” in the latter, he lost 8 points, offering to his rival, able to clean both, the win and probably the title. In third place, Borrellas overtook Ib Andersen.

Very uncertain with 6 riders all deserving the victory, the Junior class. In addition to our favorites, there were good skilled local riders, not very known in the international scene. And the final win went to one of these. After the first lap, it was soon clear that everything was possible. In 3 points there were 6 pilots. Leader was the actual number one in the series, British Iwan Roberts (Beta) who scored 4 points. One point more for Italian Gabriele Giarba (Beta) tied with Czech Marech Wunch (Gas Gas). Then scoring 6, the winner Norum and the Czech Martin Matejicek (Gas Gas). Seven errors for Finnish Timo Myohannen (Beta). Being the sections quite easy for these top riders, the coolest of them would top the rostrum. Norum kept his cool and lost only 9 marks, snapping the victory by one single point on Roberts and an other emerging Norwegian, Martin Karlsen (Beta), able to score the best performance in the second lap: just 4 points !

According to the above classes , the Over 40's one was not less interesting, too. Van Veelen had his hard time in keeping behind Finn Staffan Floessel (Sherco). Only 3 points the final gap between this twos. Van Veelen gained a smooth advantage in first lap: 11 marks against 13 . Then, in the progression made by both, was still the best for a while: 5 him, 6 Floessel. In third place and not distant from the top, a glorious return: the first European champion in this class: Sweden Magnus Liljeblad (Sherco), now precious member of FIM Europe Trial Commission.

At last in the International class young Norwegian Jacob-Olau Gunvaldsen (Beta) put all behind. In second place his country mate Ole Barkved (Beta), and in third Czech Domenik Wunch (Gas Gas).

Final round next Sunday at Boras in Sweden.

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Karlsson batte Cotone ma solo alla fine!

Essere il favorito può giocare brutti scherzi, così Karlsson ha subito cominciato con un paio di cinque nella prima parte della gara e Cotone concentrato e sereno si è preso un bel vantaggio, che poteva anche essere più cospicuo se non fosse incappato anche lui in un errore alla fine della prima tornata: 9 punti Cotone e 11 lo svedese. Poi ancora un errore a testa che lasciava la classifica intatta fino alla 12 del secondo giro. Il colpaccio: la 12 e la 13 risultavano essere due zone fatali per il piemontese, che purtroppo perdendo 8 punti contro i due passaggi netti del rivale, si è visto svanire la vittoria e le speranze di avvicinarlo in campionato.

Anche Giarba dopo un ottimo secondo posto al giro di boa, ha perso il podio per un paio di errori nel finale. Addirittura sesta la sua posizione, ma ad una manciata di punti dal vincitore.

In gara anche Marranci nella Over 40, piazzatosi all'11° posto.



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1. Eddie Karlsson
2. Luca Cotone
3. Pere Borrellas
4. Franz Kadlec
5. Vegard Ib Andersen