06/11/13 - Milano's exhibition

As you all know in the lately years the Trial market starts very early to present the models for the incoming season. This time it happened in July, at the Italian world round. Almost simultaneously the very expected Montesa, the Sherco and the Gas Gas showed up the 2014 machines. All the other main brands followed very soon , consequently in Milano only few innovations were launched.

The star shining more is without any doubt ,the surprising new Scorpa Racing, call “twenty”, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its creation. New features to distinguish the Ossa factory model were also introduced by the Italian importer, Roberto Bianchi and his staff. Then we noted the Sherco 125 4t with the same engine of the Scorpa 125 and the new Beta “mini” with electrical engine.


Come voi tutti sapete negli ultimi anni il mercato del Trial anticipa sempre di piu’ la presentazione dei modelli della stagione successiva. Stavolta e’ successo a luglio, al mondiale italiano. Contemporaneamente sono state presentate la tanto attesa Montesa, la Sherco e la Gas Gas. Le altre hanno seguito subito dopo, cosi’ a Milano sono rimaste poche le vere innovazioni.

Prima su tutti la inaspettata nuova Scorpa Racing, chiamata “twenty”, per festeggiare i vent’anni di eta’ del marchio francese. Poi c’e’ una "special" della Ossa Racing tutta italiana , allestita dall’importatore Roberto Bianchi ed il suo staff. Ancora una Sherco 125 4t che puo’ contare sullo stesso motore della Scorpa 125 ed infine una Beta per i piu’ piccini dotata di motore elettrico.

Ma su Motosprint a breve potrete trovare una panoramica completa comprensiva anche dei modelli gia’ presentati. Non perdetevelo!




- Chassis:
The new tubular perimeter frame supports all new bodywork along with all of the other new components.

- Body:
The new plastic fuel tank is located in the center of the perimeter frame, with an overflow to evacuate any fuel that is spilled during the filling of the fuel system. The air filter housing is under the seat, similar to the old model, it now has a greater air capacity to optimize engine performance. A hatch on the saddle makes changing the filter quick and easy. The rear fender is now composed of two parts, the front part is incorporated into the air box, and the rear portion is injected from flexible plastic to prevent breakage.
The radiator is protected by two oval tubes built into the frame in order to prevent shock damage. The throttle cable and the clutch hose are routed through an opening located above the tank.

- Braking:
The brake and clutch control are entrusted to Braktec for their aesthetic appearance and technical reliability.


- Exhaust:
The new exhaust system is composed of a stainless steel exhaust pipe that is 0.8 mm thick, along with a high-strength aluminum silencer that has replaceable interior fiber packing similar to the previous model. This exhaust system provides finesse at low revs along with a controllable amount of medium and high speed performance with an amazing amount of smoothness.

This new exhaust system includes a collector at the exhaust outlet that flows into a new expansion chamber and then into the new muffler. The exterior design is completely new. This new exhaust system is common to all of the Scorpa models.

- Engine:
The new Twenty 125 as well as the 280 have new engines, the engine casings are pressure injected. The number of water Intake system hoses has been reduced. The cylinder head has been redesigned and incorporates interchangeable domes.
The 125 engine has a new crankshaft with a longer stroke and the piston diameter has been reduced. The cylinder head is also new, these changes have resulted in a significant increase in power and opens new opportunities for future development.
Thanks to new thermodynamics, the new exhaust system and a new engine management card (specifically developed for the new dimensions and configurations.