20/10/13 - Richmond, GREAT BRITAIN


Red Bull athlete Dougie Lampkin - Gas Gas showed that he remains a real force to be reckoned with as he won the World famous Scott - time and observation - Trial for a fourth time. In wet and misty conditions Dougie endured considerable pain as he almost completely severed his outermost toe from his left foot almost two thirds of the way around what is still regarded as the toughest single day event in the World of motorcycling. As a result of the impact that caused this nasty injury the thirty-seven year old veteran was unsure of his eventual victory with having struggled during the latter stages of this historic competition despite having made a strong start to his day.

This win sees Dougie equal his father Martin's tally of four Scott victories, who himself was a force to be reckoned with on the North Yorkshire moors during the late seventies come early eighties. Dougie's first success in this unique challenge of speed and skill came almost twenty years ago in 1994 and reinforces the sheer length of his illustrious career that has also seen him net twelve FIM Trial World titles along the way. Lampkin junior's last two Scott victories came back to back in 2006 and 2007 before a series of mechanical issues and injuries ruled him out of the front running in more recent editions.

However Dougie did remind his rivals that he remained a contender when he finished as runner-up to his Gas Gas team-mate Michael Brown just twelve months ago. Confirming his status as an all round off road rider, Lampkin's latest victory comes just six days after he finished in a close second place at an extreme Enduro event in Portugal last Sunday. 2013 has proved another incredible season for the ex multi World champion with Dougie having won two of the biggest and most important events outside of the FIM Trial World Championship, namely the Scottish Six Days Trial and the Scott Trial.

Sore, slightly surprised, but thrilled nevertheless Dougie spoke about bringing his season to a close on a real high. "I know more than most that you need luck to be on your side if you are going to win the Scott as I have had my fair share of bad luck here in the past. Everything was going really well and I mean well right up to the third petrol stop. Then on the way to the fourth stop I hit something very hard on the moor."

"I was really pushing on, but it stopped me in my tracks. The whole bike bottomed out, my foot smacked into it and my back and neck compressed really badly. From that point on I struggled, my vision went, it was hard to hold a line and I just paddled through some of the last sections as I was feeling that bad. From what the paramedic who treated my toe afterwards said I am lucky that it didn't get ripped right off."
Lampkin ended by saying. "All that pain seems quite worthwhile when your name is read out last and you are declared the winner when you thought luck hadn't been with you once again. It feels quite amazing to have won the Scott for a fourth time especially at my age and in the same year I had just won the Scottish for a seventh time. As I keep telling the young ones, there is still a bit of life left in the old dog!"

Latest update: After further medical examination of Dougie's damaged toe he will now undergo an operation later today to address the badly crushed, brokenand severed joint.

photos by Eric Kitchen, news by G2F Media

Let's add a few notes to remind you what Scott Trial consists of.

It is one of the oldest trials event in the world: the first edition was run in 1914. As tradition it is held at half October in the North Yorkshire, England, close to the Scottish border. More than 200 riders try every year to reach the end.

It has some different rules. Who finished first, add time points to his rivals. Points that are added to the marks lost into the sections. There is one single lap, 84 miles long, with 76 sections. The riders can enter each section even more than one at the time, thanks to a large number of observers able to control the scores.

The fastest, normally, finishes in less than 6 hours, but they are really 6 continued hours! The time to eat a chocolate tablet or to drink some supplements, is only when it is necessary to refuell the bike.


Dougie Lampkin - Gas Gas - ha appena vinto il suo quarto Scott Trial, conosciuta come la gara piu' dura al mondo della nostra specialita'.

Per Dougie il successo odierno ha significato anche egualiare il padre Martin nel numero di vittorie. Una vittoria che ha premiato la sua tenacia nel concludere la gara con l'alluce del piede sinistro rotto dopo appena una terzo della competizione. Dougie quest'anno si e' nuovamente diviso fra Enduro e Trial. Giusto la settimana prima era arrivato secondo all'Enduro Extreme disputato in Portogallo.

Al via anche l'azzurro Michele Bosi- Beta, del Top Trial Team, che dopo averci provato nel 2005, e' riuscito nell'impresa di terminarla, ha raggiunto un onorevolissimo 57-esimo posto, rimanendo per ora l'unico italiano che puo' vantare questo primato.

Eccovi qualche nota, giusto per rinfrescare la memoria o per chi non sa di cosa di tratta. E' una delle gare pił antiche: la prima edizione risale al 1914. Viene sempre organizzata a metą ottobre nel nord della regione dello Yorkshire, in Inghilterra, quasi al confine con la Scozia, con alla partenza pił di 200 concorrenti.

Un misto di trial ed enduro, perchč chi finisce prima, aggiunge punti di tempo ai suoi avversari, che si sommano alle penalitą riscontrate nelle zone. Un giro unico di circa140 km con 76 zone,per tutti uguali, in cui i piloti possono entrare anche contemporaneamente, perchč vi sono diversi giudici che controllano.

Il pił veloce, normalmente sta sotto le 6 ore, ma sono sei ore continue: si mangia una tavoletta di cioccolata o si beve qualche integratore, giusto nei punti in cui si fa rifornimento.

foto di Eric Kitchen, notizie dall'agenzia G2F Media


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Dougie Lampkin
Michele Bosi
Michele Bosi (right) with John Lampkin


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