20/02/14 - X-TRIAL 2014: new format and animated video brings series to life.

The new head to head format as used in the 2014 FIM X-Trial World Championship has already produced some of the closest battles the series has seen in more recent years. Designed to create a more dynamic event, the results in the opening rounds speak for themselves with the winner of the three events to date not having been decided until the closing moments of each Trial.

The riders are placed in pairs for the qualification process, with the winner of each of these duels going straight through to the semi-final along with one or two of the best losers depending on the overall number of entrants. At the semi-final stage the six best-qualified riders once again find themselves in a head to head situation, with the three victors of the pairs battles at this point in the competition transferring into the final.

The best loser then accompanies this leading trio from the semi-final stage to complete the four-rider final. From here a more traditional battle pursues, as the four finalists then scrap it out for their place on the podium come the end of an action packed evening.

Near capacity crowds in Sheffield, Great Britain Marseille, France and Barcelona, Spain have already witnessed this exciting new spectacle, with Milan, Italy and Madrid, Spain set to bring the series to an equally dramatic close during the latter part of the month of March.

The following animated video, created by the FIM, helps bring the new format to life and is currently being used by local organisers on the large screens within the arenas to ensure that the fans get the most from this new and dynamic format.

Click here to see for yourself how the X-King of each event is decided

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X-TRIAL 2014: un video che spiega il nuovo format

Sembra che il nuovo format che prevede scontri testa a testa nel mondiale indoor (X-Trial) abbia gia' prodotto buoni risultati e giudizi positivi dal pubblico presente. Ecco spegato come funziona.

I piloti si affrontano a coppie nelle qualilificazioni, con il vincitore di ogni duello che accede alle semifinali insieme ad uno o due dei migliori fra i perdenti a seconda del numero di piloti presenti. I sei semifinalisti si scontrano nuovamente a coppie per determinare i tre che avranno diritto alla finale.A loro viene aggiunto il migliore degli esclusi

Tutto chiaro? Non vi resta che toccare con mano e venire a Milano, Forum Assago sabato 15 marzo e verificare di persona se vi piace o no!

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