26/06/16, Krzerzowice (POL) - Still Theresa Baeuml (Beta) and Jack Peace (Gas Gas) but competition stopped beacuse the weather!

Second day in Miekinia , near Krzerzowice, Poland and third round of FIM Europe Youth and Women Trial championship. Competition was forced to stop in the second loop due to the heavy shower which was threatening the safety of the riders, because the condition of the sections deteriorated very quickly. It represents a historic decision because it never happened that one trial event was stopped because the weather. According to the regulations it was possible and it was declared valid the result of the first loop.

Winners happened to be the same of the day before. Brit Jack Peace (Gas Gas) had a smooth lead on Italian Lorenzo Gandola (Scorpa) , six marks against 7. Gandola was very upset for this decision, having anticipated his second loop trying to finish before the shower, he was already at section 9 when he received the order to stop. These two riders both demonstrated to be more skilled than all the others. Indeed in third Frenchman Fabien Poirot scored 24 points.

Among the Women, Theresa Baeuml (Beta) had no rivals at all. She delivered her card with just 3 mistakes. Behind her, Norwegian Ingveig Hakosen scored 12 and got the runner-up position ahead of country mate Mette Fidje.

In Youth international again Alex Crosset topped the podium with a discrete advantage.

Even in Women International Alicia Robinson still won, but the situation was very unclear. She scored 23 points and beat Marine Aurieres only for number of cleans' discriminant. And behind them Lisa Miller made one point more and Gabrielle Whitham two's.

With just one round left scheduled for the 13th of August in Gro▀heubach German, Baeuml is very close to win her second consecutive European title between the women while in Youth class the battle is still open between Jack Peace and Lorenzo Gandola. .


Vincono ancora la tedesca Theresa Bauml (Beta) e l'inglese Jack Peace (Gas Gas) ma gara stoppata per il tempo!

Lorenzo Gandola (Scorpa) dietro di un solo punto aveva deciso di correre per anticipare il temporale e si trovava giÓ alla nove quando gli Ŕ giunta la decisione. Gara fermata per motivi di sicurezza: le zone stavano peggioranno.


Jack Peace
Lorenzo Gandola