16/11/19 - Toni Bou starts the X-Trial World Championship season with victory ahead of Adam Raga -

Toni Bou (Repsol Honda) started the defence of his FIM X-Trial World Championship in the best possible way with victory at the Stade Jean Ivoula de Sant-Denis on Réunion Island. More than 3,500 spectators enjoyed a spectacular and very demanding course with some sections which nobody was able to overcome with a zero score.

Having already topped the first and second "Heat", Bou met current World number 2 Adam Raga (TRRS) in the Final. Raga fived three out of six final-sections, so Bou got a clear victory. The Runner-up challenge (battle for the third place) was contested by Vertigo’s two new signings, Jaime Busto and Miquel Gelabert. Busto got it, dropping two marks on the single Section play-off, while Gelabert scored five because he exceeded the one minute time limit.

Jorge Casales finished in fifth on his debut riding Gas Gas ahead of young Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa), that being for his first time as permanent gave him enough confidence to reach even the third place in the Heat one. Performance not replied in Heat two.

Both French riders present were eliminated in Round One. Kieran Touly (Scorpa) scored a maximum on his X-Trial debut while Benoit Bincaz (Beta) struggled with an ankle injury and fell on his first two Sections.

Toni Bou (1st): “Undoubtedly, this is the best way to start the season: with a win. In the first two rounds I have already driven touching perfection and in the final I have continued along the same line. It has been a difficult and very demanding test with the piloting as evidenced by the scores. On the other hand, the public of La Reunion has had a great time with the competition and the show. Therefore, the balance is unbeatable.”

Adam Raga (2nd): “I am happy with today's result. I made some mistakes in the final, but I drove very well in the first and second round. It has been a really difficult test since the areas had a very high level and we have suffered to overcome some of them. The balance of this first round of the Championship is positive.”

Jaime Busto (3rd): “It has been a good way to start the season since starting with a podium is always positive. It is true that today has not been one of my best days on the bike, but hey, we will continue fighting hard to be as close as possible to the ones in front and stronger for the next test.”

news and photos by Pere Flores (x-trial.com)


Parte bene Bou nel mondiale X-Trial, vincendo la prima davanti a Raga

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1. Toni Bou
2. Adam Raga
3. Jaime Busto