28/08/11 - UEM Championship: Tanvald, CZE

Two Jacks Trial European champion after the last round held at Tanval, Czech Republic and Laia Sanz grabbed her eleventh world title.

Jack Challoner and Jack Sheppard, both British and both riding Italian Beta clinched the two titles still up for grabs, celebrating with convincing wins. For the second time in two years, the last round was held at Tanval, in North Czech Republic, where there is a perfect area into a forest, rich of natural obstacles. This time there was also the second round of the FIM Women’s Championship. All the sections became tougher for the heavy rain dropped in the night before.
In the Europe class, Alfredo Gomez(Montesa) was one of the first rider to start and had the hard task to open all the sections. Nevertheless this inconvenient duty, his score after the first lap was very good: 24 points. Challoner and Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas) were controlled each others. Grattarola took a smooth advantage, climbing the high inclined wall in section 8, but fived section 10 and 11, the last for having lightly touched a mark. This fact discouraged him so much as conditioning his successive riding. Challoner on the contrary started to feel more confident as never. At the turning point Challoner led, scoring 21, two points less than Gomez. Grattarola’ score of 32, plus 3 points of delay sounded as a sign of surrender.
In the second lap, Gomez replied the good performance delivering his card with 24 mistakes, but Challoner made even better: only 19! That meant victory and title. Grattarola, with a little bit of pride, scored 23, but was too late to avoid of yielding the second place in the championship to Gomez. Indeed thanks to the runner-up position of today, both reach 90 points, but the Spanish rider has one more second place.
Between the Juniors Sheppard mortgaged his win and title with a masterpiece first lap, just 5 marks! Nothing to do for Giacomo Saleri(Beta), sometimes not so calm and cool as the British one. Saleri finished behind him today and kept the second place in the final standings. Thanks to the third place of today, Steven Coquelin (Gas Gas) overtook Cedric Tempier, not present here, and occupied the final third place.
A piece of cake the performance of pluri-champion Laia Sanz (Montesa) . She likes tougher sections, because in this case her very high level is more evident. Big fight for the second place, only. Emma Bristow (Ossa) beat her country mate Rebekah Cook (Sherco).
Winner today and second behind the already Over 40 champion, Andrea Buschi, was Finnish Staffan Floessel (Sherco). Third in the championship Dutch John Van Veelen (Ossa), who arrived runner-up, ahead of the last year champion, at his first competition this year, Swedish Magnus Lijeblad (Sherco).
Czech Jiri Svoboda (Beta) won the International class.


Jack Challoner e Jack Sheppard, entrambi inglesi ed entrambi alla guida dell'italiana Beta si sono aggiudicati i due titoli ancora in palio, celebrandoli con nette vittorie. Per la seconda volta in 2 anni, l'ultima prova si e' tenuta a Tanval, nel nord della Repubblica Ceca, dove si trova una area bellssima in una foresta con ostacoli naturali. Insieme si e' disputata anche la seconda prova del mondiale femminile.
Nella classe Europa, Challoner si e' imposto sullo spagnolo Alfredo Gomez (Montesa), che in questo modo ha scavalcato il nostro Grattarola (solo terzo) per il secondo posto finale di campionato.
Tra gli Juniors Sheppard ha ipotecato la vittoria con un primo giro capolavoro: solo 5 punti! Nulla da fare per l'azzurro Giacomo Saleri(Beta), alle volte non cosi' fraddo come l'inglese. Saleri rimane secondo in campionato.
Una "passeggiata" la prestazione della pluri campionessa Laia Sanz (Montesa). Lei apprezza le zone dure: in questo modo viene fuori maggiormante il divario che c'e' fra lei e le altre. Grande battaglia per il secondo posto dove Emma Bristow (Ossa) ha prevalso sulla connazionale Rebekah Cook (Sherco).

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Jack Challoner, Champ 1
Alfredo Gomez, Champ 2
Matteo Grattarola, Champ 3
Jack Sheppard, Junior 1
Giacomo Saleri, Junior 2
Steven Coquelin, Junior 3
Staffan Flossel, Over40 1
John Van Veelen, Over40 2
Magnus Lijeblad, Over40 3
Philippe Bontemps, Over40 4
Jiri Svoboda, International 1
Podio finale Europe
Podio finale Junior
Podio finale Over40